RC Insurance
154 New Britain Ave
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Fax: 860-563-3682

Code of Ethics

Providing insurance products comes with a unique and critical set of responsibilities aimed at ensuring clients are dealt with honestly and knowledgeably to ensure they receive the advice and guidance they need to make informed decisions. Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIA) has developed a clear set of guidelines called the Code of Ethics by which all independent agents must abide. At RC Insurance, we take those responsibilities seriously.

Promise to clients

We uphold the IIA premise that serving the public by providing valuable insurance products and guidance is an honorable endeavor, and we strive to respond to each of our client’s needs individually to provide custom solutions based on their unique needs. We firmly believe that the rights of the client are paramount.

We also help educate our clients and our community about insurance and about loss prevention and safety strategies that can mitigate potential losses, and we readily participate in volunteer and charitable organizations that help support those goals and the communities we serve.

Promise to the industry

We support the independent insurance industry and its goals, and we adhere to correct business principles and practices in all our business dealings.

We work to promote positive relationships with the carriers with whom we work as well as our colleagues within the industry, following the best practices set forth by the independent insurance industry to elevate the standards of our profession by following the IIA Code of Ethics and encouraging our colleagues to do likewise.

Promise to ourselves

The IIA Code of Ethics provides a valuable framework for all independent agents to follow. At RC Insurance, our commitment to our clients runs deep. We make it our mission to follow these guidelines every day and in each interaction to ensure the best experience for our clients and for our community, and we encourage our clients to speak out if they ever believe their rights or needs are not being met so we can work together to make things right.