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Tips to Stay Safe This Summer!

Want to avoid summer accidents that you could be liable for? Check out these tips on how to be safe around pools, trampolines and ATV/Motorcycles:

  • Pools: We all love sitting by the pool and relaxing. But it is important to be safe around them to avoid any accidents. Be sure to keep constant supervision on younger swimmers and have them wear the proper floatation gear if they are not tall enough to reach the bottom. Clear out any extra pool toys that nobody is using so nobody trips and falls on them. Lastly, make sure that all other pool equipment like diving boards, slides or ladders are working properly so no major accidents can be caused.
  • Trampolines: Trampolines are another fun thing to enjoy during the summer months. But make sure to follow the proper safety when having children on one. Make sure children are always supervised. Having safety netting around the trampoline can reduce the risk of someone falling off and getting hurt. Keeping the springs on the trampoline covered can also help prevent injury. And finally, make sure that nobody is attempting any dangerous stunts on the trampoline.
  • ATV/Motorcycle: Now that summer has arrived, there will be a lot more motorcycles and ATVs out. Make sure that all riders are wearing the proper safety gear like helmets, proper clothing to avoid exposed skin, and padding to help reduce the risk of severe injury. On motorcycles, follow all traffic safety laws and avoid injuring yourself or others on the road. Follow all the rules regarding where and what times of the day you are allowed to ride ATVs and avoid any dangerous stunts on ATVs to reduce the risk of anyone getting severely hurt.


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Are You Exposing Your Business to Liabilities on Social Media?  

One of the biggest phenomenon transforming how businesses engage their customers are social media platforms. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, businesses are reaping the benefits of having a direct line to their customers, including the ability to remedy customer complaints and create targeted marketing campaigns. a person standing in front of a store

Although social media platforms are great for business, these platforms can expose businesses to liabilities. If your business utilizes social media accounts to connect and disseminate information to your customers, you should be aware of the possible risks, and you should purchase appropriate business insurance to reduce those risks. 

Social Media Accounts May Jeopardize Your Company’s Information System 

In general, mainstream social media channels can be safe. You can safely communicate and share information with others by employing typical online security strategies. However, there are many individuals and companies who rely on phishing—the act of defrauding someone online by masquerading as a real company—to gain sensitive information for nefarious purposes. If accessed using your company’s network, these individuals and companies can use software to hack your company to gain access to your internal networks, which, if successful, can place your information system in jeopardy. 

Misuse of Intellectual Property 

Whether you have a blog or you share media content, it’s important to understand copyright laws. If you use other people’s graphics, it’s imperative that you ask them for permission or follow their instructions so that you are using their intellectual property appropriately. If you don’t, you risk getting fined or sued. Intellectual property isn’t limited to pictures and videos; it covers “creations of the mind,” which can include names per the World Intellectual Property Organization. 

Violations to an Individual’s Right to Privacy 

If you are in the business of reporting on celebrities’ lives, it’s essential to bear in mind that you have to walk a tightrope. Even if you are well within your rights to report the information and the information is accurate, it’s possible to spend extraordinary sums of money protecting your right to do so in court. It’s important to protect your business by securing business insurance in advance for this reason. 

Social media accounts are great enhancements to businesses. With a social media strategy that is aligned with prevailing laws and appropriate business insurance, it’s possible to watch your business blossom due to increased customer engagement. Without insurance, you could be jeopardizing your business. If so, give us a call to inquire about the business insurance that is best for your business. 

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