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Getting You Back on the Road.

Are you trying to reinstate your driving privileges after a DUI, DWI, or any other driving infraction? We’re here to help you navigate the process so you can move on and start driving again with the proper coverage.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is not an insurance policy, but rather a certificate showing that you have the proper liability coverage for a high-risk driver.

You will need and SR-22 Certificate if:

  • You need insurance, but have been issued a DUI or DWI
  • Been at-fault in an accident without auto insurance
  • Been caught driving without a license (or with a suspended license)
  • Been cited for reckless driving
  • Repeated too many traffic violations over a short period of time

Keep in mind that an SR-22 Certificate is temporary, and as long as you drive responsibly, obey traffic laws, and pay your premium on time, you won’t have to carry the certificate for long. An SR-22 is not the same as a regular car insurance policy - you will need a traditional policy and an SR-22 if you meet one of the above mentioned criteria.

Royko Charamut Insurance provides high-risk drivers across Connecticut for both vehicle owners and non-owners with the necessary SR-22 certificate to get drivers back on the road. Need to file for an SR-22? Contact us and one of our agents will guide you through the easy process.